Dusciana's poetic, always full of wonderful flavors and dreamy fairytale, would definetely be part of a contemporary Wunderkammer because of its deep evocative power. For Almagià Artificerie, dilated space that narrates of Ravenna's water and harbor, Dusciana has a large site-specific installation that is valuable metaphor, right in the heart of the marina of the city, of the identity of Ravenna mosaic made of men, women, children, generations, and its vocations that make it unique.
% ( this is the caption of the exhibition) depicts our city through the mosaic tesserae: three large steles and five columns, apparently unstable, composed by different modules “stones covered with glass mosaic and steel cubes covered with glass and murrine” the rhythm of a long path in which murrine glass and mirror are the percentages of individuals that make up our lives: a mosaic in the mosaic, where each fragment is indispensable in order to have an overview.
A beautiful overview where no one can get along without the other and all are tied in a creative, inescapable (necessary) interchange.
% is a work of art that celebrates our community, the importance that every individual, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant, represents for the society. It is a site-specific installation mosaic created by Dusciana Bravura halfway between public and social art. The theme is a free visual and material reflection of the “mosaic” capital of Ravenna: the percentage of Italians, immigrants, men, women, children, the elderly. And the story is a tale where mosaic tiles mark, physically, every individual, role and identity. It is a long trail of thousands of murrine that crosses the nave of Almagià, punctuated by eight large sculptures, three steles and five totems in mosaic, the colors are minimal and precious: white, black, silver, gold, and the texture is always interwoven with “wonder” as in all the works of Dusciana.
A kind of mosaic composed of the social fabric, identity of our city: from fragmentation to beauty.

Sabina Ghinassi, Ravenna